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The Games of the Omniverse

One set of collectible cards.

many games.

Knockout [Easy to Play]

Players: 2-4

Time: 5-15 minutes

Type: Skirmish

A quick game with a limit of fifteen cards, Knockout will be a familiar kind of face off.


Players begin by placing down a Champion, with the option to place down a second champion in Support later on, and then play actions, equip enhancements and utilize the abilities of their Champions to affect a head-to-head Clash. Each player is eliminated when they suffer three knockouts.

Conquest [Spatial]

Players: 2

Time: 15-45 minutes

Type: Strategic


Conquest is all about territory control and stands apart as a game. Situated on a five-by-five grid, players take turns placing cards face-down. Once players reveal their Champions, they flip over each card in the path between them, resolve the Clash and then remove cards according to the results of combat. After the sixth round of claiming territory, the player with the most territory under their control wins the game. 

Limit Break [Fast Paced]

Players: 2-4

Time: 10-20 minutes

Type: Tactical


Fast and furious, Limit Break is designed for players to push each other past energy thresholds. Each deck is constructed with numerous Champions, and any excess damage dealt during the combat phase is added to the defender’s pool of energy. While this energy can then be used for their own strategies, players will incur a Limit Break once their opponent pushes them past those thresholds, creating a frenetic tug-of-war that ends once a player suffers three Limit Breaks. 

Evolution [Complex]

Players: 2-4

Time: 15-60 minutes

Type: Comprehensive/Complex

The flagship game, Evolution is all about resource management. Using two decks, each player takes a turn to quickly build up energy resources and three lanes of Champions. While expending the opponent’s decks through combat and card effects is the established goal, players will also have the option to focus on accomplishing themed win conditions based around our partner intellectual properties. This results in countless viable paths to victory.

Portal [Cooperative]

Players 2 or 4

Time: 30-45 minutes

Type: Cooperative


Introducing one of the world’s first cooperative TCG games. Players work together to overcome alternate variants of their own Champions to capture a portal to an alternate reality. The key to winning is learning to work together as a team.

Rift [Solo]

Players: 1

Time: 20-60 minutes 

Type: casual

Players tear through the veil of reality and traverse randomized Locations while facing the combined challenge of successive Champions and territory control.


Each Location becomes progressively more difficult as the players’ previously-played cards are utilized against them.


In our online Adventure Silos, this greater risk leads to greater rewards. 

Labyrinth [Team-based] 

Players: Teams

Time: Multi-hour 

Type: Strategic

A multiplayer expansion to Rift , players create Labyrinths by linking together a gauntlet of Locations and Champions for another team to conquer, and then each team must face the specialized marathon designed just for them. While some teams may win by running through each instance as fast as possible, territory control is just as vital, so there are multiple strategies for each team to consider to win the day.


Worlds of the Omniverse

Connecting the stories you care about to games you want to play. 

The omniverse allows for game narratives that range from Superheroes to sports teams to characters in novels. Even a battle of the bands works within the structure.


The omniverse divides participant narratives into specialized macro-genres that the OmniCards weave into the gameplay.

  • Silver = Horror

  • Red = Greater than human

  • Blue = Sci Fi

  • Green = Fantasy

  • Gold = Personalities

  • White = The Auditors


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